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Kill Monsters To Save Princess Script GUI Hack ...

Hope: That's true... If there's anything left of Snow, as the savior, you're the only one who can rescue him. That's why you have to protect yourself! If you're killed, it really will mean the end of the world. And then who can you save?

Kill Monsters to Save Princess Script GUI Hack ...

Noel: It's no dream, Lightning. The future is right there in the Oracle Drive. If I kill the savior, then the world will be reborn. And this time, it's going to happen like it's supposed to. It's going to work. I failed once before, long ago, but you know that story. I defeated a friend because I believed that would save everyone. Everything went wrong. Yes, I won our fight, like I was supposed to...and then he died. But that just unleashed the Chaos that's tearing this world apart. So yeah. I destroyed the world. It's a hell of a thing. Snow never blamed or judged me, though. And Hope tried to lead humanity in the fight against the Chaos. Of course, I fought alongside them both. Dammit, but we were fools back then. We might as well have spat in the wind, the good it did. I'd already signed the world's death warrant. Five short centuries, that's all we had. And now even that's gone.

Lightning: I wish I knew, believe me. I've taken a lot of lives, more than I can count. If I had any humanity left, I would have been crushed by the guilt by now. Do I look crushed to you? I am going to see Serah again. I'm going to fight for as long as it takes, give whatever it takes. Even if it's my humanity. But you're not like me, Noel. I know you're different. Even if it's for the future, even if it's to see Yeul again... You don't have it in you to kill me. You're still human. You killed a friend once, in order to save the world. And you can't do it again. Right? You know it's true. I can see it in your eyes.

Sentry: We've caught those dangerous heretics, but we're still on guard.Sentry: What form will the savior take when they appear before us?Passerby: The end is near... A courageous hunter is killing all the monsters in town! People call him the "Blue Blaze"! The Shadow Hunter was a man who once turned against the Order. Is it true he's returned?Passerby: That's one skilled fighter.Passerby: Prayer has become a daily ritual.Sentry: But at least those horrifying murders have finally stopped.Sentry: We didn't get all of them.

Slaughterhouse Zoe: You seem to have confidence in your strength, but do you have it in your skill? I want no rough hacking and clumsy tussles. Show me a win, worthy of the role of the savior. After all, that garb is one that I made myself. I will not hand it over to someone who would only sully it.

Snow: I know, I know. To save the day. I'm on it, sis. I'm still the Patron of Yusnaan, right? You suer are hard with your friends, you know that? What if you'd killed me? Who'd have trouble facing Serah then?

(If Lightning has spoken to Baird in Luxerion)Mal: So you're the new seedhunter, huh? The job isn't easy, lemme tell ya. I've warned ya. But seeing you're out here in the land of outlaws and bandits, I'm guessing you can hold your own. Once you've got your hands on some soul seeds, track one of us down. We pay good money for 'em, don't you worry. And then we sell them to rich folks to make a huge profit. It's win-win.Mal: Looks like you had yourself a successful hunt. Nice job out there. Here you go. Here's a little something extra. For all the hard work and effort you've been putting in.Mal: So, are you interested in hearing a story I have for ya? Everyone knows that in this world, new life isn't born anymore. But Chaos gives birth to monsters, and plants and animals still flourish. It's just mankind that has stopped reproducing. We're the only ones kicked out of the circle of life. Now, there was a scientist couple who suddenly got into their heads to change the world's natural ways. They figured they could use soul seeds to create new human life. Their experiment was a rather simple one. They filled a jar with amniotic fluid, and tried to make a baby. Well, a homunculus to be exact. What were they thinking, huh? They managed to create life, but it wasn't anything human. Not even close. The monstrosity killed the man. The woman managed to survive, but just barely. They went against God and his ways, and that was their punishment. Plain and simple. You can find the woman in these parts sometimes. She's no scientist anymore, though. I think her name was...Mal, or something like that.Mal: Only the four of us are interested in buying soul seeds.

Ranulph: No, but I'd rather Marlon didn't know. Imagine what it would be like to find out your father is a killer. You've helped me discover the truth, and I have no regrets. But Marlon's innocent. What would be the point of burdening him with this sort of knowledge? His smile is what kept me going all this time. His friendship is what saved me. I don't want revenge. I also don't want to be the reason Marlon loses his father.

Gregory: We were both hunters who tracked ferocious monsters. But then Pickett's father was killed, and his death was my fault. And so, he refuses to accept the letter from my hands. Please, won't you give Pickett the letter from his father? It may help him end his criminal ways and get his life back on track.

Suspicious Gatekeeper: Bunch of wimps, these tourists, but not like you, though. You can handle anything! Why don't you go in there and kill all the monsters? Clean the place out! You'd be doing me a favor, so I could offer you a discount on the usual rate.

Hunter Chief: Qualities you do not lack. I have heard about your exploits against the monsters out here. I am proud of my fighting skills, but it's a misplaced pride, when they are set against yours. A warrior like you could serve as an inspiration to many of us. Tell me. Will you help out our young hunters, and be a model for them?

Added several previously missing parts of the game state in saved games,such as game played time, script created windows, the script string heapand information related to the text parser in old EGA games.

Ask about Marrak"Good day to you. There is talk that you might be the next King of Silmaria. That is good news indeed."Artichoke PizzaFruit"I am honored and enriched by your selection.""Is there something the matter with this that you would give it back? Please keep it.""I am sorry, but I cannot make this agreement.""That is very good. We have made a deal.""I hope this will serve you well. Good luck, and please be careful.""Ah, that is a most kind offer. May it serve you well.""I am honored by your kindness, but I cannot accept such a fine gift.""My thanks, but you will have more use of it than shall I.""Your kindness warms me like the sun, but I, alas, do not need such a thing.""May your mouth be charmed by the taste of it. Many thanks.""My price is what I have set.""That is not a fair offer. We cannot make such a deal.""I cannot accept such an offer. I do not care to haggle with you over this.""Do you intend to cheat me, or is it just that you are ignorant of manners. Your offer is an insult.""No. I have no desire to bargain with you. Pay what I ask, or do not buy from me.""Forgive me, but I must feed my family upon my profits. Perhaps you are willing to pay this for such a delight.""Guards! This villain is a thief. Protect me from this thieving!""Ah, but a merchant must make a profit, or he ceases to be a merchant. Will you pay this for such a delight?""Alas, this is so low a price that I am almost giving this away to you. Can you not match its value?""That is it. I cannot make such a deal.""That is most unique, but I do not think it will be popular in this area."Marrak thanks you, but does not accept your kind offer.Your spell has extremely gruesome results."Many thanks. I cannot resist such a delicacy.""This is Sarra's basket! She will be so happy if you give it to her. Thank you, for you will make my mate most pleased.""What is this? It is unlike anything I have ever seen in this world."You explain that this is a picture of a balloon, and you are trying to build one."How very remarkable. But what has this to do with me?You explain that you have need of a heat source, and would like to buy a brazier."My brazier? It is something that I need, if I am to sell my freshly prepared wares. However, I do have an extra brazier I could sell you.""If your belly aches so from hunger, perhaps you should buy some fruit from me. It makes a good between meals snack."Your weapon cruelly murders the innocent merchant.Marrak smiles his thanks, but does not accept your gift.You can feel the earnestness and friendliness of this Katta. He is someone you know you can trust. His heart is true and deep. He enjoys his work, and is pleased that he can help people by selling them food.GyrosPepperoni PizzaSokolatak-yaAsk about the Food StandAsk about Marrak"Welcome, welcome, stranger. I am Marrak, and this is my stand of food. If you find yourself suffering from the pangs of hunger, or desire just a snack to brighten your day, you have come to the proper place.""May I aid you in any way, just let me know, for I am at your service."Say GoodbyeGreet MarrakTell about your AdventuresAsk about the BankAsk about the ApothecaryAsk about the Magic ShopAsk about MerchandiseAsk about RumorsAsk about Fishing VillagesSay GoodbyeGreet MarrakAsk about Sarra's BasketAsk about Marrak"Greetings! You have made my Sarra most happy by returning her basket. It was something she treasured. Thank you for your kindness."Ask about GyrosAsk about RumorsSay GoodbyeGreet MarrakAsk about MarrakAsk about Rumors"Welcome. May I entice you with some tasty treat?""O Friend of My People, it is always a pleasure to see you."Say GoodbyeGreet MarrakAsk about MerchandiseAsk about Silmaria"My Greetings, fair warrior woman. What may I sell to you?""Greetings, Prince of Shapeir. How may I be of aid to you?""Welcome, great warrior. What may I do for you this day?""Ahh...This is a treat from Hesperia to the northwest. A flat bread covered with pesto and cheese, topped with the hearts of delicate artichokes, and broiled to crisp and chewy perfection.""My fruit is the gift of the vine and the tree. Rich purple sweet grapes, tart and spicy apples, and a unique delicacy from the distant jungles. It is soft and sensuous banana.""Ah, that is the delight of Helena, the mainland to the north. It is roasted honey lamb, covered with yogurt and savory spices, and wrapped in pita bread. May it bring you pleasure.""This is a treat that is unequaled. A crispy bread covered with a sauce from tomatoes and cheese. Then on the top, the savory and spicy pepperoni sausage.""Here is something that may be a private pleasure, or a welcome gift to any. A small box of sweet sokolatak-ya that will delight the tongue with smooth joy.""The Apothecary is run by a most interesting human and his lifemate. They are both caring people, and will aid you in any way that they can.""It is a pleasure to meet you, and I hope that I may aid you in any way that I can.""Ah, I have foods of all types to delight the taste. From savory to sweet, I have something that is unique." "I am Marrak, a Katta from the land of Raseir, desert birthplace of my people. My family and I have journeyed afar to serve one and all with such pleasures that they might fancy.""I am well and fine, thank you. It is a beautiful day, is it not?""This city can be confusing to those new here. Silmaria has four plazas. This is the Town Center, and the place of merchants. Above us is the plaza called, "Nob Hill." "There are two paths that lead downward from this plaza. One will take you to the docks, the other to the westmost gates of the town.""So you are a friend of my people? It is an honor to meet such a Hero. You are already a part of Katta stories and history.""My mate and beloved is Sarra, maker of gifts who has a stand on the other side of the plaza. My darling daughter is a fine musician, and shares her love of music with all who have ears.""We Katta are a desert people from the lands to the East. We are traders and merchants to the world.""It has been said that a mighty Hero was brought to the desert lands by my people. He defeated the foul wizard that drove away the Katta. The Hero is said to be a most kind and brave man.""Several years ago, my people were driven from our homeland and scattered with the winds by a most evil man who usurped the throne of Rasier from its rightful Emir.""I have heard word that my homeland has been freed by a Hero, and the land is now ruled by a wise and gracious woman. One day my family and I shall all return to the desert lands once more.""The island of Marete is usually very popular this time of year. Unfortunately, the death of the King and the invasion have driven many away.""My family and I sell joys for the ear and the taste and the eye. My wares treat the mouth to a variety of sensory experiences from this region and beyond.""The new ruler of Rasier is the daughter of the old Emir. She proved herself to be resourceful and wise, and welcomes my people home. Her name is Zayishah.""Here is where you may buy things of beauty of my lifemate, enjoy the music of my daughter, or find things of use from Wolfie, the artisan.""You might also save your money at the bank, find things of mysterious power at the shop of magic, or items to improve your health at the apothecary's shop.""The bank is the fine building with the winged lion statues. The banker will be happy to take your money.""Do not be dismayed by the Wizard Shakra. He is powerful and wise, and has a deep heart.""Sarra is so thrilled to have her basket back. It is mostly that she was overwhelmed by your kindness in returning it.""At his shop beside the Docks, you will meet the Weaponer, Pholus. There is also an inn and tavern there. I have heard there is some sort of school located nearby, but I do not know for certain.""At Nob Hill, you will find the Hall of Kings, center of the leadership of this city. You will also find the Arena, a place where combats are held for the recreation.""Many of the wealthiest of Silmaria reside on Nob Hill. There is also a magical device of which I have no real knowledge.""Ann is a very amusing person, and I believe that her inn would be a good place to spend one's nights.""It is supposed to be located near the East Gate of the city. I have heard that it is a school for adventurers, so you, with your skills, may have no need of such lessons.""The Dead Parrot Inn attracts adventurers and travelers to relax within its walls. I have never ventured there myself, for those who stand guard remind me unpleasantly of why I left Rasier.""Pholus is a centaur weaponsmith, and he makes a variety of weapons. He would be delighted to sell you something, I am certain.""At the west end of this city, you will find the Adventurer's Guild and Gnome Ann's Inn.""A small army of Hesparian Mercenaries have taken over the countryside. They arrived just after the King died, and many of Silmaria's soldiers and guards have died trying to defend this island.""If you wish to learn more about this, you will need to ask someone more learned than I.""I am well and hope that you are also.""Sarra is happy, and I am content. There is nothing quite like a pleased lifemate to make your home life happy. You should find yourself a mate, and experience such married bliss.""The pepperonis are particularly appetizing today. Their perfume tickles my whiskers, and tempts me to try some myself.""There are nasty rumors that Magnum Opus is really a spy for the invading army. I do not believe such things, but you should be wary of that man.""Sarra and I used to gather shells on the beach near the village of Naxos to the west of Silmaria. Then the invaders took over the fishing villages, and it is too dangerous to travel outside the city gates." "Made from savory spiced lamb, and the sour yogurt, sweet cucumber, and pungent onions offer interesting contrasts to the blandness of the pita bread. It is a symphony of complementary culinary experiences.""I have heard from my people in our homeland that the owner of the Dead Parrot Inn is not a man to trust. Senor Ferrari will make a profit any way he is able.""Farewell, and I wish you good fortune on the Rulership Rites.""How is it that I might serve you today?""I remember the days when the sea was filled with sailors, and the dock was covered with fresh calamari and mackerel. I miss the fish." "They say that after the King died, people wanted to make Logos the Centaur ruler of this land. He refused, saying that the Rite of Rulership would bring forth the finest possible new King.""A few years back, the islands around Silmaria were plagued with pirates. Trading ships found it difficult to get here. Now that the invaders have landed, no trading ship dares to come here.""There is talk that the woman warrior who enters the Rite of Rulership is a nobleperson from a distant land. Her fearsome companion is now Guildmaster for the Adventurer's Guild. They make a most formidable pair.""Many of the people who have chosen to stay in Silmaria are those that came from other lands. Perhaps they have learned well the lesson of how hard it is to leave your home behind.""One year ago, this was a thriving city, and this marketplace was filled with the laughter and chatter of the crowds. Alas, now the streets are almost silent, and the happiness has passed.""Most of the merchants are very concerned with the Rites of Rulership. We hope that it will truly choose the best possible King, but fear that it will only pick the best warrior and not the finest person. You would make a good King for Silmaria.""It is a pleasant day for basking in the sunlight. I am content.""There is nothing quite like the warm glow of pizza in the belly, and the quiet fire of pepperoni on the tongue.""The wind is brisk today. You can smell the sea spray even up here.""The cold wind blows through my fur. I would be much happier beside a warm fireplace right now, lapping hot milk with melted sokolatak-ya.""I am very well this day, for the wind has died down again, and I can enjoy being outside.""It is such a pleasure to see you, O Prince.""May you always find what you are seeking, even as you found my Sarra's basket.""May your day be filled with pleasures and surprises, O Prince.""What can I sell to you today?""I suggest you go up to Nob Hill and look at the thing yourself. You are more likely to know more of it than I.""I have much that is tasty and tantalizing. If you wish a meal, then try the pizzas. If you would like a delicate snack, perhaps a selection of fruit will please your palate. If you seek a sweet, the sokolatak-ya is unsurpassed. May they please you well."Ask about SilmariaAsk about the IslandAsk about the Gnome InnAsk about Marrak's familyAsk about KattasAsk about PleasuresAsk about the WomanAsk about the HeroAsk about the DocksAsk about the Town CenterAsk about Nob HillAsk about the West GateAsk about the WeaponerAsk about the TavernAsk about the SchoolAsk about the InvasionAsk about the Spinning HatAsk about Rasier"This city can be confusing to those new here. Silmaria has four plazas. This is the Town Center, and the place of merchants. Above us is the plaza called "Nob Hill.""There are two paths that lead downward from this plaza. One will take you to the docks, the other to the westmost gates of the town."The Katta fruit seller looks cheerful, bright-eyed, and eager to help. He juggles his fruit with an ease that bespeaks long practice.Talk to MarrakNever MindBuy ThingsMake Thief SignText deleted as per Lori.You'll soon starve if you chase off the food sellers.You quickly murder the innocent Katta merchant.You sense this merchant has the calm personality of t


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