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Bitdefender 2015 Trial Reset

I discovered that these steps work through trial and error. I have used BDIS 2015 and Malwareytes Pro, now Home Premium in realtime together for well over a year and once installed as dsecribed above have never had and problems with both running together in realtime. It used to be with the old Malwarebyes Pro, Malwarebytes suggested entering exclusions for BD in Malwarebytes and vice versa. I have found that is no longer necessary with Malwarebyes Home Premium. They both work fine together fine for me on two W7-SP1 computers without the exclusions. Just my experience.

Bitdefender 2015 trial reset

You can backup, view or delete the keys, add to protect or auto cleaning list from the right click context menu. If you have a lot of shareware installed, there will be quite a number of results and you will need to do a trial and error to find the key that is associated with the software that you want to reset the trial period.

Bitdefender has a great track record with little to no scandals. The company did suffer a data breach in 2015, in which a limited amount of unencrypted usernames and passwords were leaked. In response to the breach, Bitdefender resolved the issue and included additional security measures in its setup. Moreover, they sent out a notice to possibly affected users, so they could reset their passwords.


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