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Eurocraft Windows U Rating

I can testify that none of the above accuses are real! I had the pleasure to work with Eurocraft Industries on the same sites and I happen to know people who had Eurocraft windows installed. Their products not only meet the Florida codes but even exceed them by far. That being said it is no wonder they have been tested and approved for the Florida market. So there is no way you will have problems with your insurance.By the way: I happen to know that particular G. Neumann who makes a complaint here on the website... Three things: 1. G. Neumann would never miss-spell his own name! 2. He is very happy with his windows he purchased from Eurocraft3. I asked him, if he wrote that complaint! Answer: NO!What does that tell us? Someone has knowledge about the customers from Eurocraft and has a defined anger or jealousy for whatever reason against Eurocraft! That leads me to the conlusion, that e&m diefenbach (see above positiv statement!) is right! It is an act of revenge from a former employee!Therefor these complaints are just dirty a scam themselves. The products and the company more than recomended! Don't listen to such a ### who tries to destroy a solid, trustful and proven company like Eurocraft industries!

Eurocraft Windows U Rating

You believe this comment is from an ex employee! Not true. The paperwork is on file with the government office. It is public record for all to see. No lies are being spread. It is for the consumers protection that all paperwork is available to view. You are an ignorant consumer if you don't gather facts. You had your windows imported, so how would you know that this company manufactures the best windows around. It is a new manufacturing company. This economy demands that all of us consumers support each other and rally against fakes.

eurocraft industries manufacture the absolute best windows around. we have had them since they imported them from germany (at our first home) and now in our second home, manufactured in largo. the above comments are LIES--eurocraft was the first company to have their windows tested and retested to make sure they are "florida rated". i believe the person making these nagative comments is a former employee of eurocraft, who stole from the owner, was reported and now is trying to get back by spreading these lies. beware of such ignorant people!if you need more info on these windows and doors, feel free to contact us or better yet, come see them! you will be amazed how they open and tilt. e. m. diefenbach largo

Quality and performance are the main factors to consider when selecting impact windows. Your manufacturer must have a Notice of Acceptance (NOAs) by Miami-Dade County. Find out whether products are customized to order or have features that fit your project.

Additionally, we ensure our partner's products are high-quality and compliant with Miami-Dade County's building code requirements. These manufacturers also have a good reputation in the industry, so you can be confident you're getting the best impact windows for your home.

Custom Window Systems, Inc. produces a wide variety of impact-resistant windows and doors for residential and commercial applications. All their products are manufactured at their state-of-the-art facility in Ocala, Florida.

Custom Window Systems, Inc. products are available through a network of impact window dealers throughout Florida. The company serves as our company's main supplier of vinyl impact windows, and we trust their product quality when installed in our communities.

Eco Window Systems is an impact window manufacturer that has been in business since 1996. Their windows come built with sustainable materials, and the company is committed to green practices and products.

Eco Window Systems impact windows are impact-resistant from flying debris and have a water infiltration rating of less than 0.15%. The windows have also been tested to withstand wind speeds up to 200 mph.

Whether your structure is in a hurricane zone, impact windows and doors are valuable to your property. These items provide protection from high winds and flying debris and act as a barrier to sound, pests, and intruders. Learn more about the many benefits of impact windows in our additional guide.

If you're ready to install impact windows in your home or business, our team of experts at Impact Glass Windows & Doors is here to help. We are impact window specialists who have been. Energy efficiency, noise reduction, and better insurance premiums make impact windows the best choice.

NAMI is a National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) licensed Inspection Agency (IA). The NFRC Certification Program offers fenestration (window and door) manufacturers a third party verified, nationally-recognized method for demonstrating product U Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and other energy performance characteristics. Products certified under this program must be tested and comply with the following test standards:

Our single patio door looks and operates very much like a large, single Tilt-N-Turn window, the most significant difference is the cylinder lock that prevents the handle from operating. This door is offered with a low-walkover bottom sill.

Our French door is made with two operating panels, which is much like combining two single patio doors. The side that is opened first is identified as the active panel. Once the active panel is opened, the in-active door can then be opened as well. With both doors open, there is a large, wide opening with no obstructions. These doors can be made to open in or out. They also have the tilt feature for secure ventilation.

The Dutch Door is divided into an upper and lower panel. With the door closed, the top panel can be opened inward like a casement window. This is great for cleaning or ventilation. The bottom is fixed and is made of either glass or PVC. The doors are often used in poolside baths where there are no windows for ventilation. 041b061a72


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