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Nachom Ia Kumpasar Full Movie 11

Nachom Ia Kumpasar Full Movie 11

Nachom Ia Kumpasar (Let's Dance to the Rhythm) is a Konkani musical drama film that pays tribute to the legendary Goan musicians of the 1960s and 70s. The film is based on the lives of two jazz artists, Chris Perry and Lorna, who had a bittersweet romance and a lasting impact on the Bollywood music scene. The film features 20 timeless Konkani songs that capture the essence of the Goan musical culture. Nachom Ia Kumpasar was released in 2015 and won 24 awards and 9 nominations at various national and international film festivals.

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The film was directed by Bardroy Barretto, who also wrote the story and screenplay along with Mridul Toolsidas and Angelo Agnelo Braganza. The film starred Vijay Maurya as Lawrence 'Lawry' Vaz, a trumpet player inspired by Chris Perry, and Palomi Ghosh as Dona Pereira, a singer modelled after Lorna. The film also featured Prince Jacob, Meenacshi Martins, John Dsilva, Blasco Andrade, Varsha Manikchand Shrivastav, Vitthal Patil, Joeseph Fernandes, Mathew Araujo, Antonio Azavedo, Putush Azavedo, Sammy Braganza, Macson Coutinho, Shirley Coutinho, John De Britto D'Souza, Priscilla De Cruz, Emilio Dias and others in supporting roles.

The film follows the rise and fall of Lawry and Dona's musical career and their turbulent relationship. Lawry is a talented musician who forms a band with his friends and performs at various clubs in Bombay. He meets Dona, a young singer who dreams of becoming a star. He helps her get a break in the music industry and they fall in love. However, their romance is marred by jealousy, ego clashes, misunderstandings and betrayal. Lawry struggles with alcoholism and depression, while Dona faces exploitation and harassment in the male-dominated industry. Their music reflects their emotions and their bond with each other. The film also portrays the challenges faced by the Goan musicians who were often uncredited and underpaid for their contributions to Bollywood.

Nachom Ia Kumpasar is a nostalgic film that celebrates the rich musical heritage of Goa and its unsung heroes. The film recreates the era of the 60s and 70s with authentic costumes, sets, props and locations. The film also uses original songs written and composed by Chris Perry and re-produced by Goa Folklore Productions under license from HMV/Saregama. The songs are sung by Palomi Ghosh, Vijay Maurya, Siddharth Basrur, Roopa Mahadevan, Blasco Andrade and others. The songs range from romantic ballads to upbeat numbers that showcase the diversity and versatility of the Goan music.

Nachom Ia Kumpasar is a must-watch film for anyone who loves music and appreciates the artistry of the Goan musicians. The film is available for streaming on [Goaflix], a platform dedicated to showcasing Goan cinema. The film can also be watched on [YouTube] or [Dailymotion], where it has been uploaded by various users. However, these versions may not be of high quality or have subtitles. The film has been rated IMDb RATING 7.6/10 by 119 users on [IMDb], where it also has more information about the cast, crew, trivia and awards. Nachom Ia Kumpasar is a film that will make you dance to the rhythm of Goa.


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