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The Traveling Cat

I was lucky enough to go on my first vacation last month! The hoomans took me along on their celebratory birthday and anniversary trip to Sonoma. While being away from home definitely had me nervous at first (I skipped a couple meals), I whole heartedly had so much fun and was a little depressed when we left. ☹

If traveling with your pawrents is in the cards, here's what we learned from our first trip together:

1. Email hotels for written confirmation that cats are allowed to stay at the property.

  • Read the fine print: Some have a general statement that "pets" are allowed. But sometimes the fine print will go into detail the do's and don'ts for dogs.

  • Meowmy was a little paranoid about just calling and having someone on the phone say yes, cats are allowed - only to show up and have another employee claim cats are not allowed. #bettersafethansorry #alwayshaveitinwriting

2. Create a checklist or follow someone else's of what to pack

3. Keep your cat's preferences, habits, personality, etc in mind when packing/following someone else's checklist

  • If space is not a problem, overpack: extra food, pee pads, litter, etc. (I had my room bag, plus a mini set of essentials for the stroller - which is also handy in car rides)

  • Pack your own bowls: The hotel we stayed at said they had pet bowls available. However, when we checked in, we saw that they were for large dogs. I could have bathed in them! 😆

  • Pack items that smell like home: Favorite blanket or bed, t-shirts, toys, etc.

4. Once you check into the hotel, unpack and set up your pet's "space"

5. Do a tour of the hotel room together, with your pet

- Exploring the room will put your pet more at ease than making them feel like they're on their own


We stayed at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and the space, service, and grounds were just the perfect amount of luxe and relaxation we needed! (Check out their offer packages - we did a Suite Moments package that included free breakfast for two every morning!).

I got to hike on leash and in my stroller at Sonoma Valley Regional Park. Bonus, paved trails - perfect for strollers!

Plus stroll the Town Square.

Unfortunately, when the pawrents tried to make outdoor seating reservations at Girl and the Fig and El Dorado Kitchen - both restaurants denied us a table because pets are not allowed, even in a stroller, unless a certified service animal. (So another tip: call ahead and confirm if pets are allowed during dining.) The downside of traveling with a cat, you may have to eat a lot of room service or takeout.

Hope you found this helpful! Please share with us any tips you have when it comes to traveling, where you've been, and where you would recommend! Thank you for reading! Follow me on Instagram for more adventures.

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