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During Blizzconline 2021, Blizzard revealed the Rogue as the fourth of five classes, showcasing some gameplay and behind-the-scenes commentary. The Rogue is the class to fill the Dexterity role, much like the Barbarian and Druid fill out the Strength role and the Sorceress fills out the Intelligence role. As such Diablo 4 Gold, the developer looked back at the original Rogue from Diablo 1 for inspiration when designing the class, meaning they share aspects with many of the Dexterity classes of Diablo's past. Classes such as the Demon Hunter, Assassin, Amazon, and the original Rogue all played a part in the final design of the Rogue in Diablo 4.

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History of the Rogue

In the original Diablo, there were three classes: the Warrior, Sorcerer, and Rogue, each representing one of the three fundamental stats that define each character and their growth. The original Diablo took place in the town of Tristram, where a demonic presence lurked beneath the Church in a 16-floor dungeon that players had to delve into. Canonically, it is the Warrior who defeats Diablo and becomes its vessel; whereas the Rogue, upon the defeat of Diablo, heads back to rejoin her Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye. The Rogue eventually becomes corrupted by Andariel, and in Diablo 2 players can find the Rogue now known as Blood Raven.

Each of the classes in Diablo 1 have their own unique class skill, such as the Warrior's ability to repair equipment, the Rogue has the ability to disarm traps on chests and doors. This goes to show her knowledge of traps in the same vein as her successor class, the Assassin. The Rogue is also quite adept as a ranged fighter, able to wield a bow with ease and maintain distance from enemies who would otherwise swarm her. Despite her ranged expertise, the Rogue can also excel in close combat utilizing daggers and other melee weapons like the Warrior buy Diablo IV Gold, which would explain how similar she is to the Barbarian in Diablo 4.


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