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Download Because I Love Her APK v2.0 - A Mystery Horror Game with 3DCG Graphics

Release 1 introduces you, the player, to the new world of BILH. Ntr can now fully be disabled from the start of this new game version.In release 1 there are about 220 renders, and 2 animations, 1 big 1 small. It is only an intro to the new world, and the next release will also focus on the new characters and new plot.ChangelogHow to download?

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Warning: This game has OPTIONAL sharing and future NTR content. It can be disabled immediately. It is a separate path altogether, and the non sharing route/romance route receives equal love and content from me.

So why pay or support on Patreon? Well, simply because this is my passion, and I would love nothing more than to grow as a developer and release updates sooner than later. I have used money to re-invest in both assets and have built a PC with a 3090 in order to speed up the process, and I would love to continue this trend.

Actually I don't know why I've even responded to you without doing MY OWN research first. Clicking your profile shows about 90% of your posts are hateful, unconstructive, useless comments on devs that are going to fail because they have NTR or cuckolding. I should have practiced what I preach...

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Yet you literally left out the entire bold "This is a NTR game section." Plus its not a NTR game yet most of the changelog is just NTR and you wait to do the love portion at the very end and rush it as much as you can. Its just a NTR game, even look at the comments on here lol

You can even see in his own changelogs hes spending more time on NTR. 8 in the coming one are NTR out of 15. But don't worry, the fake love path is still somehow the primary path. Hes fooling no one. This is just another atempt for him to scam the same group of people like he did with the last game

So since you like to make the white MC a premature ejaculator you'll make your love for BBC one as well right? Since you arent racist? Also you will never have tens of thousand thanks to your love for NTR. You know NLT used to make adjacent stuff to that as well? You know why they stopped, hint because it doesnt make as much money.

I understand. The funny thing is though. I didn't get Chapter 2 off steam and it never had a steam tag on the download. I was just curious. I do like the game, but as of right now I'm having financial problems.

There seems to be a lot of confusion on what this game will be focused on. Let me please settle this topic for good. As of September 2nd, the games FIRST CHAPTER (First Update after original demo) was released. The game as of that date is primarily an NTR/cuckhold fetish game. While the NTR is avoidable, that path will lack content. This will be true until the game is further into its update cycles. This means, if you DO NOT LIKE NTR, CUCKHOLD, CUCKQUEEN, SHARING, SWINGING, ETC, you are better off waiting until chapter 5 or 6 for some solid romance content between the mc and his fiance. This is final, I did a poll on my patreon and 26 voted lust path and only 6 voted I focus more on love path. Thank you for taking the time to read this before replying to the thread.

DESCRIPTION: 3 years after giving birth to their long-awaited daughter Mizuho, Emi and Hideaki keep showering her with love. On the outside, they seem like a happy family. However, Hideaki is still troubled by his...

I feel kind of weird talking about Because I Love Her because it is a game that I felt like I was going to be all in with and truly love. However, while I did enjoy my time with the game, I just felt like there was something missing for me personally. This is a lewd visual novel game and one that I think is so close to being great. It is actually some kind of remake from what I understand, but it has been that long since I played the original game this was based on, it was pretty much a brand-new experience for me.

Ok, so the premise of Because I Love Her is one that I felt had a ton of promise. We have John and Claire who have been together since high school and they are now at a point in their lives where they think that things might need to change. I went into this thinking that it was going to be a love story where Claire and John could make it work and decide to stay together and while that technically is an option, the execution never quite did it for me.

While the story may not have gone the way I wanted it to in Because I Love Her, I can tell you that the way the game looks is fantastic. The character renders here are done in a realistic and detailed way and I particularly loved the parts in the gym, even if the whole thing with Daryl never clicked with me. The lewd content I came across was done very well to and I have to say that the presentation probably kept me more interested than the actual story and gameplay ended up doing.

Description:The second chapter of this story about the lovely couple who are together solid period of time. Keep making new friends in the city you live together and deal with various situations with other characters that might lead you even to the group sex and many more.More: Renpy BugsCheck the first chapter of Because I Love Her RenPy sex gameVersion: Updated: 2022-06-18, Posted: 2022-06-16. Request for an Update!

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When you download an app, it should work as promised. Which is why human App Reviewers ensure that the apps on the App Store adhere to our strict app review standards. Our App Store Review Guidelines require apps to be safe, provide a good user experience, comply with our privacy rules, secure devices from malware and threats, and use approved business models.

Once you have completed your game you surely want to make it available to others. In general you should first create a .love-file which can be either directly distributed (which requires users to have LÖVE installed) or used for platform specific packages.

If you're using a case-insensitive file system (e.g. Windows), it's advisable to move the .love file to some place other than the folder where your game is, and test again. This will reveal any case sensitivity problems that other users may run into when trying to run your game. If it's run in the same folder, it will find there the files that it can't find in the .love file, so you have to move it before testing. A good place to move it is a folder within your game directory, e.g. love/

Note: You may have to run the command as an administrator on your computer. You can do this by going to Windows\System32 and right clicking on cmd.exe and selecting the option Run as administrator. After this, you must type cd C:\Program Files\LOVE\ (or whatever your default love directory is), then you may continue as normal.

When distributing the Windows executable you will need to include the dll files that came in the folder of the love.exe you used (so don't mix the 32 bit dll's with the 64 bit dll's). Without these files you will get error message when attempting to run SuperGame.exe on a windows machine.

First download the official zipped 32 or 64 bit executable (not the installer) from 32 bit games can run on 64bit Windows systems but not vice versa, so to save time on smaller games, you can provide 32bit only.

For Linux there is not yet a simple way to distribute your game. The general approach here is to point to the official LÖVE packages at Once the package is installed, the .love packages are usually automatically executed using the installed LÖVE package or using the command line:

As of 11.4, the AppImage is relocatable. Meaning, if the AppImage contents are extracted then moved somewhere, then the executable inside it (/bin/love) will just run without any problems. This means using Windows-style fusing using the binaries from the AppImage is now supported.

The AppImage format is a format for packaging applications in a way that allows them to run on a variety of different target systems (base operating systems, distributions) without further modification. The whole kit can be downloaded from here.

In order to package games using AppImage, the libraries and dependencies required by love need to be gathered, which can be done easily using CARE (available packaged in the Ubuntu repositories) by executing:

This program makes an archive, which contains the love executable and its dependencies and related files kept in the way of your system.Secondly, the game's .love file needs to be 'fused' by the means shown in the above section. Now, the files need to be placed in the following way in a new directory:

You are the new healer in the fairy town of Liebwald, ready to seek adventure, friendships and maybe even love. Healing physical injuries is like second nature to you, but can you be the balm for your neighbours' hearts as well? It all depends on the choices you make on your way.

Changelog:2022-03-11: Added the Lovewood artbook in the download section as a piece of bonus content.Update 1.4 for Windows and Linux - Fixed some display issues when skipping; fixed a sprite glitch in Atlas' ending; tweaks in some dialogue lines.Update 1.4 for Android - Same as the above, with some additional GUI tweaks (quickmenu buttons are now spaced further apart). Cleaned up the transition screen as well.2023-05-01: Update 1.4.1 for Android - I added a newer version of the game for Android in the Download section! This one uses Renpy 8.0.3, meaning it's more compatible with modern Android systems. I'll keep the old version available for now, but when in doubt, choose the newer version.


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